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• Blood
• Itaborai
• Navel
• Page
• Pineapple
• Queen
• Red Navel
• Roble
• Sanguinelli
• Sour Orange
• Valenica


• Brown Select
• Clementine
• Dancey
• Honeybell
• King
• Lee
• Minneola
• Murcott
• Orlando
• Ponkan
• Robinson
• Satsuma
• Wekiwa

Oranges,Tangerines and Tangelos


Currently in Stock

• Ray Ruby
• Ruby Red
Ruby Red Grapefruit Red Seedless
Duncan Grapefruit White Seedy
Thomson Pink Grapefruit Pink Seedless

Subject to Availability

Grapefruit Tree 5 gal $ 50
Grapefruit Tree 7 gal $ 60
Grapefruit Tree 10 gal & up On Request
Citrus Pots Ctp $ 20

Lemon & Lime


Eureka "true" lemon
Bearss Lemon large lemon originated from Tampa area; also know as Sicilian Lemon
Meyer Lemon sweeter lemon that looks like an orange due to it's orange heritage; more cold tolerant than other lemons
Variegated Lemon Variegated Lemon
Ponderosa Lemon very large lemon


Kaffir Lime leaves used in cooking
Key Lime also know as West Indian and Mexican lime; very small, everbearing lime; distinctive flavor
Persain Lime also know as Bearss Lime or Tahiti Lime; everbearing

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